JLES School Improvement Plan

Each year, our School Improvement Team (SIT Team) develops a School Improvement Plan which uses school data to identify areas of need. This plan is designed to improve overall student learning and academic achievement. It describes the actions our school will take, what kinds of supports and resources are needed, and who will do what.

Our SIT Team is comprised of school staff and family representatives that are voted on each year. Our team meets at least once a month to update and review the plan. Scroll down to learn more about our SIT Team and our School Improvement Plan:

James Love School Improvement Team 2022-2023:

  • Kimberley Kepner- Principal
  • Tammy Yarborough- CTC
  • Jessica Price- Title I Teacher/ Tier III Interventionist
  • Christine Powell- SAIL Teacher
  • Jessica Searcy- Kindergarten Teacher
  • Ramona Addison- 1st grade Teacher
  • Kathy Langferman- 2nd grade Teacher
  • Abby Thomas- 3rd grade Teacher
  • Emily Clary- 4th grade Teacher
  • Candice Thomas- 5th grade Teacher
  • Tamara Goforth- District Staff
  • Amy Carrigan- 3-5 Parent Rep
  • Lynetter Hood- K-2 Parent Rep
  • Laura Newton- Pre-K SAIL Parent Rep

School Improvement Plan

NC Report Card

JLES NC School Report Card 2020-2021 (English) (Spanish)