Kindness Challenge

JLES December 2021 Kindness Challenge
Posted on 12/02/2021

This month, we have a special challenge for every student in our school. We are challenging ALL students to GIVE the gift of kindness. 

JLES families,

Our students participated in the Kindness Challenge the month of December. As a school, we have noted students taking the words/actions from the Kindness Challenge and incorporating them into daily practice. We are very grateful for your assistance with the challenge!

Our students were “extra” kind without expecting anything in return. Members of our community learned about the challenge and made donations toward the purchase of student gifts as a “Thank you.” We are extremely fortunate to have such kind people in our county! 

With their help, ALL students at JLES received a gift! In addition, all students that completed the Kindness Challenge had their names entered for a bike. Nineteen students will receive a bike and dinner with Santa. 

We are forever grateful for the kindness of our community to bring HUGE smiles to our students’ faces!

Please click through the pictures in the album titled "Christmas Kindness Challenge" from the Day in the Life of a Knight link to see some of their joy :)

We hope that all of you have a WONDERFUL holiday!!!! Sending much ♥️ from the JLES staff. 

Kindness is defined as the “quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” December is a great month to go out of our way to show extra acts of kindness toward others.

JLES December 2021-Month of Kindness.pdf