Have you noticed "The Bin" on our campus yet?

Have you noticed "The Bin" on our campus yet?
Posted on 07/07/2024
clothes bin on campus
Have you noticed "The Bin" on our campus yet? It’s our Clothes & Shoes Recycling Bin, and it makes donating and recycling easy for our families while providing an additional source of revenues for our school.
👕FREE & EASY: The Clothes Bin is provided and serviced at no cost to our school. Just drop in your items and you're done!
💵FUNDRAISING: Each month, we receive a fundraising check from Clothes Bin, that can go directly to all sorts of purposes for our school.
🔧TECHNOLOGY: Sensors are located within The Bin to ensure it is serviced efficiently, keeping it nice and clean) while preventing overflow. If we ever need a quick pickup, they’ve got us covered within 24 hours!
🔒 SAFETY: Our school administration has a key for campus security/SRO access to the bin if needed. And, we have purposefully placed it on the corner of our campus to make it accessible for our community and safe for our school.
♻️MANAGEMENT: It works alongside our clothing collections/closets. If items have holes or stains, we all can put them into "The Bin" so nothing goes to waste.
Support James Love School by dropping off your unwanted clothes and shoes in The Bin.