About Us



Mission Statement:

The staff at James Love Elementary will provide quality instruction in a positive work environment where students will gain the skills, strategies, and desire to become lifelong learners.


Vision Statement:

At James Love School,  we believe every student has the potential to achieve great things. We are dedicated to creating a learning environment that fosters positive relationships and offers relevant and challenging activities. As educators, we are committed to helping our students master fundamental skills and apply new knowledge through analysis.  We are committed to providing a range of research-based instructional strategies and activities that will enable our students to acquire 21st-century skills. 

James Love Elementary School Philosophy 

James Love School students know they come to school to learn. Our teachers make sure that all students learn. Students will follow school rules and directions given by school staff. Learning is fun, and students are rewarded and recognized for good work and appropriate behavior. Our goal in Cleveland County Schools is that all students, upon graduation, will be enrolled, enlisted, or employed; it all begins with strong foundations in elementary school.